Everything is a conversation

Welcome to Pi Strategica, a new kind of creative agency with a new perspective.

In mathematics Pi is a number with infinite variation, in marketing it is a strategy with infinite variation. It does not have a limited approach with a particular product it is trying to push on clients. Rather, it is a solution-based approach that calls upon whatever marketing technique is required to create that solution; and that comes from a virtual, global, approach.

We are an agency that is embracing the new virtual world and has world class talent on call that spans the globe; from Bahrain to the UK, from Europe to the US, no matter what the challenge, we have the solution.

And with a virtual approach comes that new perspective. It is clear that demographic boundaries no longer exist but so too do information boundaries.

In the old days big brands held the control, they sold us goods and services the way they wanted to. Today, with the ability to kill a brand with a single viral tweet, they need to sell us goods and services the way ‘WE’ want them to. This means the relationship has flipped and the brands that embrace this new world will succeed, those that ignore it will not!

So, what does this mean? Well, the old adage ‘the customer is king’ has never been truer. It is about listening ever more attentively to them and more importantly acting honestly upon what is heard.

With information and opinion spreading around the globe at the speed of data, this means that EVERYTHING a brand does is part of the conversation. Nothing is hidden from view any more, which means this whole conversation needs to be managed not just the broadcasted bit as before.

At Pi we truly believe that today ‘everything is a conversation’ and we are experts in managing that conversation.