First it was Intelligence quotient – IQ, then came Emotional Intelligence – EQ and then came Social Intelligence – SQ. While these may have primarily been applied to individuals, at Pi Strategica (Pi), we think businesses in particular could well start having serious conversations about yet another type of SQ – the Sustainability Quotient.

Not to be treated as a buzzword anymore, the issue of sustainability has moved beyond the realms of being a choice to now being the ONLY way forward. The need of the hour is to take a holistic approach and realign corporate objectives to evolve into a sustainable, environment-friendly, and energy-efficient organisation.

Our Services

Business dynamics can differ based on how each one operates. Our services are designed to remain flexible to help companies make a difference to people and the environment whilst delivering efficiency and profit.

We walk our clients through their many firsts in this domain and empower businesses to meet the growing demand for a sustainable, healthier future.

Our team of expert strategists, content creators and managers will help businesses cut through the jargon and adapt to sustainable marketing practices.

We will help evolve your ‘business as usual’ practices to become those that follow through a sustainable lifecycle with the following services:

    • Sustainability policy development
    • Sustainability strategy and planning
    • Sustainability marketing and communications design
    • Community engagement programs
    • Tracking and evaluation and report performance development

The solution 

Pi is who you can turn to for your sustainability strategy and communications needs. As your Sustainability & Communication Strategists we can work with your brand in making a positive shift toward a sustainable future and bring clarity on areas you need support with.

Are you looking to future-proof your company or business for sustainability?

As your Sustainability Strategy partner, we encourage you to look at your own business achievements and objectives through new lenses and realign your business purpose to being more future-ready.

Are you struggling to understand how to mobilise transformation in the sustainability arena?

As sustainability advocates, we help brands adopt sustainability into their core promise, incorporate sustainable ideas, business strategies, and best practices to increase your organisation’s visibility, revenue, and impact.

Are you pledged to Vision 2030 but not sure what to do?

As internal sustainability policy and strategy advisors, we work with organisations to align their strategy to Vision 2030 whether here in Bahrain, UAE and Saudi Arabia. Our team helps your business create a global impact with respect to sustainability initiatives whilst maintaining a company culture that reflects this.